Injury free, mindful and effective running and walking

Man is made for running. Running is not harmful, the the way you run can be.

Chi Running en Chiwalking have 2 central goals: the prevention of injuries caused by walking and running and increasing the motion efficiency.

  • Working towards as much relaxation as possible and only use muscle power where necessary.
  • Eliminating "parasite" movements -every movement that does not go into the direction that you are moving into- avoid as much lateral movement as possible.
  • Perfect alignment of the body in order to have your bone and tendon structure keep your body straight instead of using unnecessary muscle power when this can be avoided.
  • Propulsion happens by letting your body fall forward by the pull of gravity. Your legs are being used to push your body back up a little bit, so that you can fall forward again. You are not using your legs to pull yourself forward.
  • Most running injuries happen from the knee down to the foot. With ChiRunning and ChiWalking you learn to relax your lower legs and thus chances of an injury are largely diminished.
  • There is an overlap with i.e. Yoga, Pilates and Mindfullness, this method is more process oriented than goal oriented. In ChiRunning speed is a byproduct of perfecting your running technique (but don't neglect a classical interval training!) This method makes it more likely to keep running or walking with joy up to a higher age.
  • Lieber Willem, Ich habe das Chi-Running Tagesseminar in Köln sehr genossen! Deine ruhige und strukturierte Art hat bewirkt, dass ich nicht nur eine Idee von Chi-Running bekommen habe, sondern bereits das Leichtlaufen in den Grundzügen gelernt habe. Durch die Video-Analyse konnten wir unsere Fortschritte selbst sehen und ich bin so sehr motiviert auf diesem Weg weiter zu machen. Schön ist auch, dass sowohl leistungsorientierte Läufer als auch solche, die nur aus Freude an der Bewegung laufen (zu diesen gehöre ich), beim Chi-Running enorm profitieren können! Ich freu mich sehr auf die kommenden Monate, in denen ich mein Chi-Running weiter entwickeln kann und werde! Liebe Grüße aus Osnabrück Michael Wrasmann
  • Ik vond de cursus chirunning van 4 lessen goed en prettig om te volgen. Een goede manier om kennis te maken met de principes van chirunning. Jij doet dat op een prettig wijze en humor op zijn tijd. Het boek van Danny Dreyer en Katherine Dreyer is een aanrader om het geheugen op te frissen. Niets gaat vanzelf, echter oefening baart kunst en ben nog niet uitgeleerd. Tot chi! Groetjes, Annemiek Janmaat
  • It was a great experience to have a Chirunning clinic with you. The fact that you are both an accomplished runner and an effective teacher and coach made for a compelling experience. My takeways from your assessments spoke directly at some of the problems I was experiencing. I am presently doing extended drills coupled with “track running” to focus on form. Thank you again for a great workshop. Sincerely, Mark Puckett
  • Thanks for coming to Paris for the workshop. After reading Danny’s book a couple of times over the last few years I knew I missed something. I evidently did and my daughter commented today that I run much different after attending the workshop. She was not sure what the difference is, but my Achilles and hamstring seem to be less of an issue now. I will be increasing my mileage over the next few weeks while working on the Chi-form. I still have a long way to go, but my first Ultra is becoming a real possibility. Tanks again, Gideon Du Toit
  • Merci pour le stage, c’était vraiment très bien (même si beaucoup d’informations à retenir, alors j’irai m’appuyer sur le livre pour me souvenir de tout, et un peu mal à l’articulation des gros orteils, je ne devais pas être super relax dans les pieds à chaque fois qu’il s’agissait de se pencher en avant, hum…). Allez, demain, reprise de l’entraînement au club, je crois que je vais devoir travailler mes abdos discrètement comme objectif principal pour commencer… Bonne semaine Delphine D

Run-Real is in 2012 gestart door Willem Mücher en onderwijst ChiRunning, ChiWalking, StartRunning en trail workshops.

Kerngebied is de regio rondom het Drielandenpunt, maar ook regelmatig in Parijs

De workshops kunnen in het nederlands, engels, duits, frans en italiaans worden onderwezen.

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